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 Ranks for THU users!

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Official Admin of THU

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Ranks for THU users! Empty
PostSubject: Ranks for THU users!   Ranks for THU users! Icon_minitimeFri Mar 25, 2016 5:31 pm

TheHamsterUniverse uses a rank system like Hamster hideout based on the number of posts a user has.

What are the member ranks available and how many posts do I need to achieve each rank?
No. of Posts Rank
0 Baby Hamster
50 Rookie Hamster
100 Junior Hamster
250 Adult Hamster
500 Veteran Hamster
1000 Hamster Clone
2000 Ultimate Hamster Clone
3000 Full-fledged Hamster
4000 onwards Secret Career Track

There are also special member titles not related to post counts that are given out to deserving members from time to time. Reminder: Please do not spam the forum to increase your post count. Members who do that will have their post count reset to 0.
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Ranks for THU users!
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